The way Life works

Life is not about responsibilities and achievements but about connecting to our heart’s deepest desires of alignment with the universe and the energy of Love. It is easy to stay connected to our heart and listen to the signs that point to well-being.

Every story is both real and artificial, and exists to give us, each in our individual way, understanding and personal growth. Other people’s stories might feel familiar and overlap with ours, but we each have one, specifically designed to give us access to the lessons that bring us back to Light and Love.

The experience will be of value to us providing we do not solely concentrate on the narrative of the story or get caught in an action/reaction format. Feelings and emotions, the whole spectrum of them, are of course completely natural and necessary to move the process along. But if we get attached to the story itself, if we get stuck in the role-playing game, we are likely to lose the valuable learning that is in the offering.

And if the lesson is not grasped, things will evolve in such a way as to reproduce conditions for the learning to take place in the next story … or the next one again! We might feel in a never ending spiral of whatever is at play, betrayal, bad luck, hardship…but if we pause for a moment and step back, step out of the story and feel the present moment, we will see the pattern and start realising the part we play in it. This acknowledgement will open the door to true healing.

Life is only about self, even though and because we’re all connected. It’s about nobody else, even though and because All is One. It is about our heart opening which is where focus needs to be. This is what will bring us alignement, healing and peace. From that place, there is the potential to rejoice in all instants as we do not fear or feel the judgement of others as a block. We can perceive it as their story and the way they are on their journey. It doesn’t hamper us.

Our heart doesn’t look at, mind, care or worry about how people view it. It just acts and guides us, on a profound soul level, for us to radiate at the frequency of Love, Joy and Peace. It is light and Light.

The truth of connection to others is not reached by going outside ourselves and bringing back in other opinions and ways of being. It’s the opposite. We go within and from there, in the fulness of our heart, extend to outer layers of life with curiosity and compassion. Doing things from the inside out will bring the true sense of what this universe is and has to offer. It will allow us to detach from opinions, judgements and fears.

Always trust your heart, it knows it all and will never misguide you.

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