My First Blog Post!

Live and Love

  Care deeply and Detach
Shorten the list and Write your story
Read the signs and Follow your heart
Speak your Truth and Silence your doubts
Listen to your body and Hear the music
Life is a curious paradox, One that you dearly wish to solve
Seek as you please there is no lock, because you’re just here to evolve
Sense your limits and Go beyond
Hit a wall and Move the goalpost
Forget the past and Be present
Stop thinking and Open your mind
Share your gifts and Welcome Joy
Your mind needs neat little boxes, and finite frames
It fills them with paradoxes, it gives them names
Dance and Find your Peace
Help out and Let it be
Try your best and Accept failure
Reciprocate and Don’t strike back
Express gratitude and Stand for yourself
The mind says 1 + 2 is 3
Life says there is no You and Me
Enjoy the Now and Witness change
Hold your children and Let go
Keep safe and Experiment
Feel vulnerable and Trust
Soften your gaze and Look inside
At last you start to feel peaceful, you have happiness by your side
But puff, one day it eludes you, gone like the wind, the clouds, the tide
Keep going and Do nothing
Challenge your beliefs and Have Faith
Connect with others and Nurture yourself
Mend your relationships and Break free
Dream big and Have no expectations
The mind says how, where, how long, why?
Life says know that you cannot die
Experience polarity and Merge with all
Forgive yourself and Heal your wounds
Laugh and Cry
Embrace your fears and Find compassion
Relinquish control and Feel your power
You format, you count, you measure, You feel harassed, under pressure
You want answers to your questions, But there are none to illusion
Go within and Spread your wings
Ground yourself and Take flight
Shed and Grow
Stay still and Shake your hips
Duality and Oneness
No, Life is not a paradox, your mind is just the creator
You will absorb bruises and shocks and then one day … you’ll surrender!
Live and Love
Life is Love
Seize the Day, Carpe Diem, Cueille le Jour
AJ Within, January 2019

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