‘Dive in’ to ‘Divine’

A white page to be filled with words. Unlike for my son, for whom this means the judgement of exams and implies a road to be travelled or not because permission has been granted, or not, this white page comes to me with no dangling carrot and no prize to be got; only the privilege […]

The Sound of Silence

Sound and the gift of hearing have the power to activate, sooth and enhance our lives. Beautiful, curious, or necessary interludes to usually rare silent moments. And because silence often makes us feel uncomfortable, we do everything in our power to fill it with noise; the radio in the car, the television in the background, […]

The rightness of Newness

On your life journey, infinite patience is one of the greatest gift you can give yourself. On the way to truly realigning with your heart’s desire, your mind kicks up a fuss, shouting: “I’m not going without a fight!” It is scary to relinquish its ways and open to a new set of parameters. Yet […]

The way Life works

Life is not about responsibilities and achievements but about connecting to our heart’s deepest desires of alignment with the universe and the energy of Love. It is easy to stay connected to our heart and listen to the signs that point to well-being. Every story is both real and artificial, and exists to give us, […]

Gratitude, a path to fulfillment

Gratitude is the key to fulfillment, not the other way around. The act of receiving is set in time, limited to a particular circumstance. It can be wonderful and impactful surely, but it is not what brings true joy. It brings rather a fleeting moment of delight and pleasure. The true lasting feeling behind it, […]