My First Blog Post!

Live and Love

  Care deeply and Detach
Shorten the list and Write your story
Read the signs and Follow your heart
Speak your Truth and Silence your doubts
Listen to your body and Hear the music
Life is a curious paradox, One that you dearly wish to solve
Seek as you please there is no lock, because you’re just here to evolve
Sense your limits and Go beyond
Hit a wall and Move the goalpost
Forget the past and Be present
Stop thinking and Open your mind
Share your gifts and Welcome Joy
Your mind needs neat little boxes, and finite frames
It fills them with paradoxes, it gives them names
Dance and Find your Peace
Help out and Let it be
Try your best and Accept failure
Reciprocate and Don’t strike back
Express gratitude and Stand for yourself
The mind says 1 + 2 is 3
Life says there is no You and Me
Enjoy the Now and Witness change
Hold your children and Let go
Keep safe and Experiment
Feel vulnerable and Trust
Soften your gaze and Look inside
At last you start to feel peaceful, you have happiness by your side
But puff, one day it eludes you, gone like the wind, the clouds, the tide
Keep going and Do nothing
Challenge your beliefs and Have Faith
Connect with others and Nurture yourself
Mend your relationships and Break free
Dream big and Have no expectations
The mind says how, where, how long, why?
Life says know that you cannot die
Experience polarity and Merge with all
Forgive yourself and Heal your wounds
Laugh and Cry
Embrace your fears and Find compassion
Relinquish control and Feel your power
You format, you count, you measure, You feel harassed, under pressure
You want answers to your questions, But there are none to illusion
Go within and Spread your wings
Ground yourself and Take flight
Shed and Grow
Stay still and Shake your hips
Duality and Oneness
No, Life is not a paradox, your mind is just the creator
You will absorb bruises and shocks and then one day … you’ll surrender!
Live and Love
Life is Love
Seize the Day, Carpe Diem, Cueille le Jour
AJ Within, January 2019

Mind The Gap !

Rest, breathe, gather yourself and get in touch within. What a whirlwind! The chatter, the duties, the constant motion of body and mind which exhausts and makes us blind to the Truth within. Take a step back, remove yourself from this scenery, this worldly stage and feel, sense how calm and serene you truly are inside. The frantic pace of the outer doesn’t affect or interfere with the peace and calmness of the inner.

Today maybe you reacted, you got impatient, angry, you said harsh words, you felt guilty. Your emotions got the better of you, you shed some tears of frustration, of sadness, of despair possibly. Or perhaps you smiled, giggled and enjoyed the smoothness of the day. Whatever film was played. whatever part of you turned up today, it was perfect. It was exactly as it should be.

There is no judgement to be cast, no comments to be made. It was as it was. It was pleasant or not, it came as a surprise or a shock, or maybe it felt like the heavy cloak of sameness. It doesn’t matter. No amount of reminiscing will obliterate, change or keep it real. The anger was. The sadness was. The joy was. All part of a moment that has gone, never to return. The theatre of Life.

On that stage, to that play we all contribute. There is no right or wrong but there are opportunities, in each moment. These opportunities lie in the awareness of our doings. In each action there is a gap, a crevasse, a dark slit that can let in a ray of light. We can often sense it and often chose to ignore it, step over it. It’s like a tickle, a little scratch, or like a drop of water falling, making the faintest of noise and the subtlest of ripple. That instant, that gap, is consciousness breaking through and letting us know that all our actions are an outer reflection of something deeper.

That gap, if allowed to be seen, paused into, offers the potential for us to reframe our actions and reactions. By becoming aware of it, we understand that underlying all that we do is a formidable, all encompassing energy. Welcoming this understanding enables us to remove ourselves from the rawness of the experience we are having, to step back from it and witness ourselves. Through that witnessing we can begin to soften and feel compassion for ourselves and others. We can alter our ways as we integrate in our understanding that under the surface, permeating the whole of our lives and of Life is consciousness.

Getting in touch with and accessing consciousness radically changes our perspective and offers the chance to transform the judgement and regret of the past, the anticipation and fear of the future into a peaceful and potent surrendering into the present moment.

Love you tender…

Don’t try to be loved. Do nothing to gain Love, but love yourself completely and totally for all that you are, without judging. Acceptance and Love will melt all that is criticism and will welcome all that is different and uniquely you.

You cannot reproduce anybody else’s way. You can be inspired but do not try to imitate. Let the inspiration enter your heart and guide you to find your own expression, in every area.

If you’re looking for a way to resolve your tears, love your tears unconditionally. If you’d like to stop arguing, love your arguments and voice raising. They’ll vanish … with Love. Love them from a deep acknowledging place, with respect and reverence, with patience too, giving them time to be seen and heard, processed.

There will soon be a place within you where they’ll melt and find solace. This might need a little time and trust, but gradually the gap between occurrences will lengthen, the events will shorten and the intensity will lessen.

Along the way there might be time when you will sense a pattern, like a neediness from the tears or the anger that keeps them coming. Notice also then, where the love is coming from; do you have a vested interest in that love playing a rescuing role? Does that consoling love use those instances as a ‘raison d’être’?

The Love that will dissolve comes from deep within and feels no gratification for opening its healing arms. It attributes no blame, no guilt, no shame. It covers you in a blanket of Peace that says ‘All is well’, ‘You are perfect as you are’. That Love is permanent, timeless and always, always accessible, unconditionally.

… Love you sweet, love you true and love you long!

The List!

“As for the list . . . scissors maybe?” Those words of advice humorously dispensed by my homeopath, concluded one of my consultations . . .

Cherished wisdom!

Abandon the tyrannic orders of “The List”! There is no list that matters. There are things needing to be done to function. However, the emphasis should not be on the things themselves but on the way we Are while doing these things. If the focus is on the doing, we get rattled, angry, stressed, or even hooked on the satisfaction of ticking and crossing out. And the action only has a limited reach.

The trick is to focus on Being while doing. Actually ‘focus’ is not the right term because Being just is, takes no concentration, only alignment. The essential aspect is to recalibrate the place action/doing has in our life. It is not the prime objective. It is only the way to occupy the mind as we access and process our learning.

Of course, actions serve a purpose but it is the quality that’s infused in them that matters, not the substance of the doing specifically. There are many many ways to arrive at the same point.

So any time you feel yourself engrossed in ‘The List’, go into your heart and ask for it to take charge. Every time you feel under the cosh, rushed, in the hamster wheel about that list, stop, pause, breathe, acknowledge and ask for support by going into your heart. It will guide you aptly . . . because loving you is what it does best!

The way Life works

Life is not about responsibilities and achievements but about connecting to our heart’s deepest desires of alignment with the universe and the energy of Love. It is easy to stay connected to our heart and listen to the signs that point to well-being.

Every story is both real and artificial, and exists to give us, each in our individual way, understanding and personal growth. Other people’s stories might feel familiar and overlap with ours, but we each have one, specifically designed to give us access to the lessons that bring us back to Light and Love.

The experience will be of value to us providing we do not solely concentrate on the narrative of the story or get caught in an action/reaction format. Feelings and emotions, the whole spectrum of them, are of course completely natural and necessary to move the process along. But if we get attached to the story itself, if we get stuck in the role-playing game, we are likely to lose the valuable learning that is in the offering.

And if the lesson is not grasped, things will evolve in such a way as to reproduce conditions for the learning to take place in the next story … or the next one again! We might feel in a never ending spiral of whatever is at play, betrayal, bad luck, hardship…but if we pause for a moment and step back, step out of the story and feel the present moment, we will see the pattern and start realising the part we play in it. This acknowledgement will open the door to true healing.

Life is only about self, even though and because we’re all connected. It’s about nobody else, even though and because All is One. It is about our heart opening which is where focus needs to be. This is what will bring us alignement, healing and peace. From that place, there is the potential to rejoice in all instants as we do not fear or feel the judgement of others as a block. We can perceive it as their story and the way they are on their journey. It doesn’t hamper us.

Our heart doesn’t look at, mind, care or worry about how people view it. It just acts and guides us, on a profound soul level, for us to radiate at the frequency of Love, Joy and Peace. It is light and Light.

The truth of connection to others is not reached by going outside ourselves and bringing back in other opinions and ways of being. It’s the opposite. We go within and from there, in the fulness of our heart, extend to outer layers of life with curiosity and compassion. Doing things from the inside out will bring the true sense of what this universe is and has to offer. It will allow us to detach from opinions, judgements and fears.

Always trust your heart, it knows it all and will never misguide you.

Gratitude, a path to fulfillment

Gratitude is the key to fulfillment, not the other way around. The act of receiving is set in time, limited to a particular circumstance. It can be wonderful and impactful surely, but it is not what brings true joy. It brings rather a fleeting moment of delight and pleasure.

The true lasting feeling behind it, is the acknowledgement of the gesture, the gratitude expressed or felt which goes beyond the consideration given to the transaction, whether monetary or otherwise.

Gratitude is a meeting of hearts, an opening to the energy behind the gifting. It enhances and magnifies, allows to encapsulate the gifting and the receiving in a single act of Love.

Gratitude removes the notion of being deserving, of being right, of doing enough, and their counterparts. It leaves in its trail a profound and permanent imprint of joy and goodness. It manifests into being what the heart longs to express.

Through this expression, it reaches outward to who and what surrounds us, in a way we can’t measure or quantify. The more we become grateful, the wider our gratitude can extend, no longer limiting itself as a response to intended acts of kindness.

Gratitude becomes a way of receiving life in all its facets, the one we naturally rejoice in, but also, gradually, the not so welcome one; the ones we cast a negative judgement on. All those failures, near misses and rejections that brought pain but also great learning and purposeful opportunities.

When the not so comfy side of life is greeted with gratitude, it allows us to change our perspective and to align faster and with greater momentum to what is truly for us, what resonates with us. It brings us a life that is experienced deeply and with more intensity yet also more softness.

This doesn’t mean a life free of challenges, but living gratefully enables us to redefine the word challenge, to include in it the notion of gift. Instead of the polarity of pleasant and unpleasant events, we perceive the flow of life, instead of the exhausting see-saw of the ups and down, we navigate waves and learn to surf with them.

Gratitude is the bridge that brings the happening to its natural conclusion. It links the event to its purpose and leads us to an understanding of the order of things in our lives.

Being grateful is far from a passive submission to circumstances though! It is about acceptance, yes, but through the acceptance of what occurs, we can discern the action most appropriate to us, most aligned to ourselves.

Peaceful or explosive, a letting go or a kick in the anthill, the action and its unfolding will always be in our best interest and lead us toward fulfillment when eventually supported by and surrendered to heartfelt gratitude.