The rightness of Newness

On your life journey, infinite patience is one of the greatest gift you can give yourself. On the way to truly realigning with your heart’s desire, your mind kicks up a fuss, shouting: “I’m not going without a fight!” It is scary to relinquish its ways and open to a new set of parameters. Yet you can trust that this new framework, emanating from a deeper place within you, is the one best suited to you.

Newness is often scary because by definition it involves surrendering to the unknown. It can bring up fear, yes, but this is mind generated and leading to constriction. The rightness of newness is perceptible through the excitement that arises from inside yourself. It is not a glittery emotion yet it is full of sparks; it is not nauseating yet it is lush. It feels light and solid all at once. It has a flavour that is fresh and irresistible, but unlike a temptation that calls for a heavy toll.

Newness requires a leap of faith and when the step is too big to take, life circumstances have a way to give you the nudge that leads to the plunge. This might bring you into murky waters and unchartered territory. It might stir the muck and prevent you from seeing clearly, but only so that, as the dust settles, you can actually discern what in your surroundings needs shedding. Soon you will find how to swim your way and the flow will become more obvious. You will pause and realise how much easier it is to swim with the current than against the tide.

In all this journey, patience will be your greatest ally. You will learn to be your best friend and listen to your pace, your own rhythm, and to slow down so that all of you can catch up. This is an endless journey with yourself as your best guide whether that guidance comes from wrong turns or long stretches of open space. You will notice with curiosity that the wrong turns make for deep and formative lessons. Whether they teach you that the direction you took was too sudden, too dark or simply inappropriate, you will again and again discover that you can love yourself further than you thought yourself capable of doing.

You will discover that within you is that permanent and inextinguishable source of Love; the Love that all that time you had looked for through outside validation and external inputs. From this awareness and acknowledgement, true freedom and deep healing will come forth.

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  1. Oh how I love to be reminded of the importance of our journey inside. Patience. .. realignement… accepting our”mistakes, or wrong steps”…terrifying newness…
    so many words resonate with me in this post… Thank you Aude,


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