Mind The Gap !

Rest, breathe, gather yourself and get in touch within. What a whirlwind! The chatter, the duties, the constant motion of body and mind which exhausts and makes us blind to the Truth within. Take a step back, remove yourself from this scenery, this worldly stage and feel, sense how calm and serene you truly are inside. The frantic pace of the outer doesn’t affect or interfere with the peace and calmness of the inner.

Today maybe you reacted, you got impatient, angry, you said harsh words, you felt guilty. Your emotions got the better of you, you shed some tears of frustration, of sadness, of despair possibly. Or perhaps you smiled, giggled and enjoyed the smoothness of the day. Whatever film was played. whatever part of you turned up today, it was perfect. It was exactly as it should be.

There is no judgement to be cast, no comments to be made. It was as it was. It was pleasant or not, it came as a surprise or a shock, or maybe it felt like the heavy cloak of sameness. It doesn’t matter. No amount of reminiscing will obliterate, change or keep it real. The anger was. The sadness was. The joy was. All part of a moment that has gone, never to return. The theatre of Life.

On that stage, to that play we all contribute. There is no right or wrong but there are opportunities, in each moment. These opportunities lie in the awareness of our doings. In each action there is a gap, a crevasse, a dark slit that can let in a ray of light. We can often sense it and often chose to ignore it, step over it. It’s like a tickle, a little scratch, or like a drop of water falling, making the faintest of noise and the subtlest of ripple. That instant, that gap, is consciousness breaking through and letting us know that all our actions are an outer reflection of something deeper.

That gap, if allowed to be seen, paused into, offers the potential for us to reframe our actions and reactions. By becoming aware of it, we understand that underlying all that we do is a formidable, all encompassing energy. Welcoming this understanding enables us to remove ourselves from the rawness of the experience we are having, to step back from it and witness ourselves. Through that witnessing we can begin to soften and feel compassion for ourselves and others. We can alter our ways as we integrate in our understanding that under the surface, permeating the whole of our lives and of Life is consciousness.

Getting in touch with and accessing consciousness radically changes our perspective and offers the chance to transform the judgement and regret of the past, the anticipation and fear of the future into a peaceful and potent surrendering into the present moment.

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