Love you tender…

Don’t try to be loved. Do nothing to gain Love, but love yourself completely and totally for all that you are, without judging. Acceptance and Love will melt all that is criticism and will welcome all that is different and uniquely you.

You cannot reproduce anybody else’s way. You can be inspired but do not try to imitate. Let the inspiration enter your heart and guide you to find your own expression, in every area.

If you’re looking for a way to resolve your tears, love your tears unconditionally. If you’d like to stop arguing, love your arguments and voice raising. They’ll vanish … with Love. Love them from a deep acknowledging place, with respect and reverence, with patience too, giving them time to be seen and heard, processed.

There will soon be a place within you where they’ll melt and find solace. This might need a little time and trust, but gradually the gap between occurrences will lengthen, the events will shorten and the intensity will lessen.

Along the way there might be time when you will sense a pattern, like a neediness from the tears or the anger that keeps them coming. Notice also then, where the love is coming from; do you have a vested interest in that love playing a rescuing role? Does that consoling love use those instances as a ‘raison d’être’?

The Love that will dissolve comes from deep within and feels no gratification for opening its healing arms. It attributes no blame, no guilt, no shame. It covers you in a blanket of Peace that says ‘All is well’, ‘You are perfect as you are’. That Love is permanent, timeless and always, always accessible, unconditionally.

… Love you sweet, love you true and love you long!

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