The List!

“As for the list . . . scissors maybe?” Those words of advice humorously dispensed by my homeopath, concluded one of my consultations . . .

Cherished wisdom!

Abandon the tyrannic orders of “The List”! There is no list that matters. There are things needing to be done to function. However, the emphasis should not be on the things themselves but on the way we Are while doing these things. If the focus is on the doing, we get rattled, angry, stressed, or even hooked on the satisfaction of ticking and crossing out. And the action only has a limited reach.

The trick is to focus on Being while doing. Actually ‘focus’ is not the right term because Being just is, takes no concentration, only alignment. The essential aspect is to recalibrate the place action/doing has in our life. It is not the prime objective. It is only the way to occupy the mind as we access and process our learning.

Of course, actions serve a purpose but it is the quality that’s infused in them that matters, not the substance of the doing specifically. There are many many ways to arrive at the same point.

So any time you feel yourself engrossed in ‘The List’, go into your heart and ask for it to take charge. Every time you feel under the cosh, rushed, in the hamster wheel about that list, stop, pause, breathe, acknowledge and ask for support by going into your heart. It will guide you aptly . . . because loving you is what it does best!

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