Within is Wisdom

Countless blessings are to be found where we least reside … within ourselves.

We forget there even is a ‘within’, more often than not. We can’t see it so we do not acknowledge it. It is not real, not like the traffic passing by or building up, not like the sound of the dog barking in the distance, not like the cloud formation gently or briskly moving along, not like the wind that has us close our eyes or put up our collar, not like the smell of cut grass or freshly brewed coffee.

Yet the very things we feel are real, the great beauty of a sunset, or even the passing of a dear friend, are also the ones that call us back and connect us to something greater, to something we can’t really name because it has no texture, colour or taste. And if we dare to stop doing, thinking, moving, if we just stop and listen with our hearts, we can sense that silence within us, we can feel that true listening comes from within.

It might be faint, it might be hardly discernible, but something inwards feels timeless and permanent. And as we give it a chance to be seen and heard, it grows and glows. It reveals itself as something so vivid and alive that there’s no denying its existence.

From within emanates something that changes our perception and brings both softness and intensity to our lives; something that challenges our sense of space, such is the spaciousness it reveals. Drawn within, we realise that this is where our attention must reside for us to truly enjoy, to be In Joy.

Within us is that starting point from which all else can develop and take form. Life is not about us living in a world in which we try to figure out how to fit. The reverse is actually true. It is from within that life emanates and is created around us.

It is from within that we reconnect with our own power to be in the world, because from this quiet place we know and understand from the heart, our connection with all there is.

  • Essence of you

    September 3, 2019 by

    Do not try to change yourself or alter anything. Anything that can be altered is not in your essence, not you. It is only the outer impression, the perception. Do not use your energy on change but on getting in touch, realising your core. The rests then follows.

  • My First Blog Post!

    August 27, 2019 by

    Live and Love   Care deeply and Detach Shorten the list and Write your story Read the signs and Follow your heart Speak your Truth and Silence your doubts Listen to your body and Hear the music Life is a curious paradox, One that you dearly wish to solve Seek as you please there is… Read more

  • October 8, 2019 by

    Rest, breathe, gather yourself and get in touch within. What a whirlwind! The chatter, the duties, the constant motion of body and mind which exhausts and makes us blind to the Truth within. Take a step back, remove yourself from this scenery, this worldly stage and feel, sense how calm and serene you truly are… Read more

  • Love you tender…

    September 21, 2019 by

    Don’t try to be loved. Do nothing to gain Love, but love yourself completely and totally for all that you are, without judging. Acceptance and Love will melt all that is criticism and will welcome all that is different and uniquely you. You cannot reproduce anybody else’s way. You can be inspired but do not… Read more

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